14:30 Newscast December 30,2016

Authorities in Baton Rouge arrested a 26-year-old man for the 2015 double murder that claimed the lives of two Texas women. BRPD Sgt. L’Jean McKneely says Jonathan Robertson faces two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of 23-year-olds Brandi Gilbert and Corrine Rayford. He says it’s unknown what happened leading up to the attacks on the victims.
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The state Department of Environmental Equality is reminding Louisianans to recycle because more waste is produced in December than any other month. Jean Kelly with DEQ says in East Baton Rouge you can find information on brgov.com/recycle about seasonal pickups
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With New Year’s Eve on our heels, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning is reminding people to be cautious when lighting fireworks. Browning says never repackage fireworks like taping bunches together. He also advises people to make purchases from licensed dealers and report people selling suspiciously.
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Browning says every season, an average of nine people are hurt due to fireworks.

Water testing results are back from over 400 residents in St. Joseph and 90 came back positive for levels of lead not safe for consumption. State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry says in many cases they found the level was coming from pipes outside the home. He says they’re offering more tests to ensure there aren’t any other sources of lead in those homes that kids could be exposed to.
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