13:30 Newscast, December 29th, 2016

Nine Louisiana police officers were killed in the line of duty this year, ranking the state third in the nation for officer deaths. Emelie Gunn has more…:
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Authorities in Franklinton arrest a 17-year-old accused of vandalizing and stealing from Louisiana National Guard members. They believe the suspect, Evantrell Tennessee, was at least one person who trashed and robbed several soldiers vehicles while the troops were training. Tennessee faces two dozen counts each of felony theft and criminal damage.

Did Carrie Fisher’s mother, movie star Debbie Reynolds, die of a broken heart the day after her daughter died? Doctors say it’s very possible. Cardiologist Dr. Frank Smart with LSU Health New Orleans says medicine doesn’t entirely understand how grief and hope affect people’s lives, but doctors can prescribe preventative treatments…:
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He says they can’t say for sure that the feelings of loss directly cause heart problems.

The Louisiana Department of Ag has confirmed a case of the Equine Herpes Virus in a horse at the the New Orleans Fair Grounds Racetrack. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says one horse at the location who tested positive had to be put down. He says the disease is spread from close horse to horse contact, and they are watching the animals closely..;
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The disease is not transmissible to humans.