LRN PM Newscall November 30th

Democrat Foster Campbell is making a hard push in the final days before the runoff, as the US Senate candidate has raised $2.5 million for his campaign in just one month. Jeff Palermo has more…

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The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case of a 51-year-old Air force Veteran who is accused of raping several foster children in his care spanning several years. Michelle Southern reports..:

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The Feral Hog Management Task Force meets today to discuss ways to control the wild hog population in Louisiana. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Veterinarian Dr. Jim LaCour says it’s a big problem in the state.

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The taskforce was created during the 2016 regular legislative session and is comprised of 11 members from different departments.  LaCour says current methods to control feral hogs are just not working. He says the goal of the taskforce is to discuss best methods of control.

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The LSU Ag Center estimates there are over half a million, or as many as 700-thousand feral hogs in the state. LaCour says the legislature has dedicated 360-thousand dollars towards the problem…

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Today is the last day of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season which was the first one considered “above-normal” for the first time since 2012. This year, there were 15 named storms, including 7 hurricanes – 3 of which were major. NOAA’s lead hurricane forecaster, Gerry Bell, says there were several factors which lead to the active season…:

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Five named storms made landfall in the US during 2016, the most since 2008 when 6 storms hit. Hermine was the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma in 2005. Bell says the reason the Gulf was spared for the most part this year is because the storms formed over the tropical Atlantic which tend not to track this way…:

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Bell says that he can’t stress enough to the millions and millions of coastal residents the importance of being prepared every year for hurricane season…:

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Democratic US Senate candidate Foster Campbell says he’s raised $2.5 million in campaign funds in the last month, but will dollars be enough to secure a victory? Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says while Campbell has raised a decent amount of money, the Democrat’s biggest hurdle is trying to win a statewide election in a red state.

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Campbell has made it clear that a majority of his campaign donations have come from individuals, not political action committees. But Pinsonat says voters don’t care about the money, they vote based on candidate’s platforms.

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Pinsonat expects Campbell will use the nearly $1.5 million he has on hand to hit the airwaves hard in the last few days before the runoff. He says Campbell will likely run ads that depict Kennedy as the candidate for elitists and big corporations, but it’s unlikely it will be enough for a win.

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A Bossier Parish Air Force veteran is behind bars, accused of raping and sexually exploiting young boys in his foster care. Lt. Bill Davis with Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office says 51-year-old Terral Parfait was arrested after one of his victims came forward.

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Davis says Parfait lives alone and has been a foster parent for quite some time. He says so far, Parfait has been charged with three counts of 1st degree rape.

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Davis says hundreds of floppy disks, flash drives, VHS, and DVDs were also seized from the suspect’s home where they found images of known child pornography produced of the boys that were in his care. He encourages parents to come forward who know their children have been in foster care with Parfait or have had any interaction with him at all…:

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A Baton Rouge college student is under arrest for murdering and dismembering his parents in Tennessee. Knox County Sheriff Major Michael MaClean says 29-year-old Joel Michael Guy Junior went home for the Thanksgiving weekend and viciously stabbed his parents and tried to cover the crime up….

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Guy was arrested last night in Baton Rouge at his apartment on Nicholson Drive. MaClean says they believe he turned violent during an argument about money….

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It’s unclear which college Guy was attending. LSU says they have no record of him attending classes on their campus.