16:30 Newscast Nov 23

The Office of Motor Vehicles says they will begin accepting cash for certain transactions, beginning December 5th. OMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain says they’ll only accept cash for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.

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The OMV began a no cash policy on November 1st, but it drew complaints from legislators, who said not everyone carries debit or credit cards.

The December 2 debate between the US Senate candidates has been cancelled because Republican John Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell can’t agree on debate terms. LSU political communications Professor Martin Johnson doesn’t think the debate would have changed many voters’ minds, but frontrunners tend to think not debating benefits them.

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The Baton Rouge city council has approved a $100-thousand settlement with the protestors who were arrested after Alton Sterling’s death. Jeff Palermo has more…

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AAA projects nearly 49 million Americans will travel this holiday weekend, a nearly 2% increase over last year. It’s also the highest number since the Thanksgiving of 2007. AAA Spokesperson Don Redman says riving remains the most popular mode of travel with more than 89% of Thanksgiving travelers getting behind the wheel.