13:30 LRN Newscast November 23rd

The Office of Motor Vehicles says they will now begin accepting cash for certain transactions, beginning December 5th. The O-M-V began a no cash policy on November 1st, but it drew complaints from legislators, who said not everyone carries debit or credit cards. So O-M-V Commissioner Karen St. Germain says starting December 5th they’ll accept cash for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations…
cut 15 (09) “….different transactions”
Legislative audits in 2014 and 2015 found 280-thousand dollars in stolen or misappropriated funds from the OMV.

It’s a Click it ot Ticket holiday weekend on Louisiana highways. State Police Trooper Melissa Matey says wearing a seat belt can save your life..
cut 11 (11) “…properly buckled”

Voters will not have a chance to see the US Senate runoff candidates debate. Don Molino explains why…
CUT 1 (24) “I’m Don Molino”

Baton Rouge has settled a class action lawsuit with Alton Sterling protesters, who claimed police used excessive force and violated their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly. 92 plaintiffs will each get 230-dollars. Louisiana ACLU executive direcotr Marjorie Esman…
cut 7 (09) “…is the result”
But Baton Rouge councilman John Delgado says these individuals were arrested for blocking public streets.