10:30 Newscast October 29,2016

Louisiana is facing another round of budget cuts because of last fiscal year’s 313 million dollar deficit. The state has asked agencies to look where they could make cuts. ULM Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the oil and gas industry is struggling and a lot of people aren’t spending money…
Cut 13 (08) “are down”

The Edwards’ administration has said they could possibly use the rainy day fund to help offset some of the deficit.

The Louisiana Republican Party is sending volunteers to go door to door in Florida, as they are so sure Donald Trump has locked up the presidential votes here. Many polls indicate the most realistic path to the White House for Trump includes winning Florida. Party chairman Roger Villere says if they’ve had GOP members from Louisiana in the Sunshine State rotating in and out…:
Cut 5 (10) “for their country”

A Korean War veteran who died 65 years ago has finally been returned to Crowley to be laid to rest.
CUT 1 (31) “I’m Halen Doughty”

Authorities say a substitute teacher at Pineville High School has been accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with two students. 37-year-old Donnie Woodson of Deville has been charged with two counts of prohibited sexual contact between an educator and student by the Pineville Police Department. An investigation opened after school officials reported the allegations to police. Both incidents were said to have occurred off of school grounds.