18:30 Newscast Sept 30

Governor John Bel Edwards plans to sue Attorney General Jeff Landry for refusing to approve state contracts that contain LGBT non-discrimination clauses. Edwards says apparently the AG believes the state should discriminate.

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But Landry says lawmakers have voted against anti-discrimination bills, and he’s looking out for their views.

The President has signed a proposal that would put $400 million towards disaster aid in Louisiana, but it could still be months before we see it.

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An opioid epidemic in Louisiana is leading to more deaths and higher insurance costs. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says a study by Workers Compensation Research Institute shows one in six injured workers in Louisiana had longer term use of prescription painkillers than in other states. He says this is a cost factor for employers.

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Donelon says in 2014, 750 people died of opioid overdoses in Louisiana.

More and more creepy clowns are popping up around the Bayou State. There were three more sightings in Terrebonne Parish and an online threat linked to the clowns in Rapides parish. Lt. Tommy Carnline with the Rapides parish sheriff’s office says aside from the clowns being creepy and frightening to many people, they are breaking the law.

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