14:30 Newscast Sept 30

Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards plans to sue Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry for blocking state contracts that contain clauses preventing LGBT discrimination. Edwards says Landry is over stepping his constitutional powers…

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But Landry says the governor is going against the will of the legislature, because they have rejected proposals to provide protections for gay and transgender individuals.

Four hundred million dollars in flood recovery aid is coming to Louisiana. Executive Director of the state Office of Community Development, Pat Forbes says Congress is expected to approve another relief package in December.

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Forbes says it will take a couple of months to get the first installment of money in the hands of flood victims, because a federal agency has to sign off on the plans.

An opioid epidemic in Louisiana is leading to more deaths and higher insurance costs. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says one in six injured workers in Louisiana had longer term use of prescription painkillers than workers in the other 24 states in a study by Workers Compensation Research Institute. He says this is a cost factor for employers accessing coverage for the workers in the workers comp market.

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Donelon says in 2014, 750 people died of opioid overdoses in Louisiana.

More creepy clowns are showing up around the state, as there were two more sightings in Terrebonne parish. Maj. Malcom Wolfe with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office says both of the incidents were reported Wednesday.

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