11:30 Newscast, September 30th, 2016

President Obama has signed the bill that provides 500 million dollars in federal disaster aid. Executive Director of the state Office of Community Development Pat Forbes says Louisiana is expected to get a little over 400 million dollars of that to help where it’s needed most…:
CUT 7 (10) “mortgage assistance”
Forbes says it will take a couple of months before the money appropriated by Congress gets in the hands of flood victims.

Rapides Parish Schools are on a soft lockdown after the Sheriff’s Office received a nonspecific Instagram threat believed to be linked to the creepy clown sightings. Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lt. Tommy Carnline…:
CUT 3 (10) “it seriously”
Carnline reminds these clowns that it is against the law to wear a mask in public outside of Halloween and Mardi Gras.

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon is concerned about the rising number of deaths from prescription opioid overdoses in Louisiana, and the costs associated with prescription pill addiction. Donelon says for the first time since the Vietnam War, the life expectancy has gone down for white males ages 25 to 35, and he says that’s due in part to the opioid epidemic in the US…:
cut 10 (09) “white males”
Donelon says in 2014, 750 people died of opioid overdoses in Louisiana.

The Louisiana National Guard says the bunker that exploded at Camp Minden operated the way it was designed to handle such a blast, as it contained and controlled the M6 propellant. Matt Harris with Louisiana State Police says they still aren’t sure exactly why the M6 went off spontaneously, but their investigation into the matter is ongoing…:
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