12:30 LRN Newscast September 29th

The Louisiana Economic Outlook shows the state will lose 17-thousand jobs this year because of low oil prices. LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott released the report and says the state has been in a recession since last August…
CUT 3 (10) “Lake Charles”
Scott says Baton Rouge and Lake Charles will see employment gains over the next two years because of an industrial boom.

Congress has approved $400 million in recovery aid for Louisiana, but when that money will be available to flood victims is unknown. Lafayette City-Parish president Joel Robideaux says people are looking for answers, and that’s something local officials can’t give right now…
cut 9 (09) “…tough decisions”
Robideaux sits on the Recovery Louisiana Task Force and he says they hope to come up with some kind of solution in the next few weeks.

A bright light appeared in the sky this morning in Webster parish, as explosives stored at Camp Minden blew up in a bunker. Jeff Palermo has more…
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Tropical Storm Matthew in the Caribbean Sea is close to reaching hurricane strength, but it does not look like a threat to the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters anticipate the storm will turn north and threaten the US East Coast.