14:30 LRN Newscasts September 28th

The US Senate approves 500-million dollars in federal flood aid for Louisiana and several other states. While speaking to the Restore Louisiana Task Force today, Governor John Bel Edwards says Louisiana is expected to receive more dollars in a lame duck session of Congress after the November election…
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State Superintendent of Education John White laid out ideas today on how to improve public schools. It’s part of an effort by Louisiana to comply with a new federal law called the Every Student Succeeds Act, which is designed to improve student achievement. White believes it’s important schools do a better job identifying specific learning needs early…
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There’s been a rash of disturbing clown sightings across the country, even here in Louisiana. Morgan City police captain Betty Augman says there was a clown sighting near a business last night. Augman says no one was found wearing a costume, but they will investigate all complaints involving creepy clowns….
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St. James Parish authorities are also looking for two clowns who entered a grocery store earlier this week.

Baton Rouge authorities arrested a 25-year-old man for carrying an assault rifle near Dufroc school. Sergeant Don Coppola says citizens have the right to openly carry a rifle, but not on school property…
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Coppola says Carl Willis faces one charge of carrying a weapon on school grounds and he did not tell authorities why he had the AR-15.