12:30 Newscast, September 28th, 2016

Governor John Bel Edwards tells the Restore Louisiana Task Force they have the important job of helping flood victims get back on their feet. The task force, which was appointed by the governor, is in charge of determining how federal flood recovery dollars will be spent. The state could receive billions of dollars and Edwards says it must be used appropriately…:
CUT 9 (07) “return home”
Edwards says early estimates show there was $8.7 billion in damage from the August flood, and that doesn’t include public infrastructure.

Forecasters say you may need to start pulling your sweaters out by the end of the week as we’re going to start waking up to some chilly temperatures. State Climatologist Barry Keim says as the week goes on, the air will start becoming cooler and the humidity will be much lower..:
CUT 1 (08) “be amazing”
Lows are expected to be in the 50s and highs in the low 80s.

Creepy clowns have been in the news around the country and now in Louisiana. Apparently people are dressing up in costumes and masks and entering random places to scare people. The clerk at the Paulina Matherne’s supermarket where clowns were spotted says she hopes they don’t come back because you never know what they might be up to…:
CUT 8 (05) “do come”
Authorities say this might be a joke to some people but they will be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and take action when necessary.

It’s reported that Congress is no longer at a stale mate with the bill that contains federal flood aid for Louisiana, and the Senate is set to take up the proposed continuing resolution this afternoon. The version includes $500 million dollars in disaster assistance.