LRN Newscast 16:30 09-30-14

The Baton Rouge Police Department says the daughter and granddaughter of an elderly woman who was found dead Monday are under arrest for cruelty to the infirm. Corporal Don Copolla says officers were called to a residence where they discovered 82-year-old Bessie Looney dead and unclothed in her wheelchair…:

CUT 9 (05) “total disgust”

Coppola says there could be other charges added.


The state’s annual survey of seat-belt use found that Louisiana motorists are buckling up at record high rates in 2014. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission says over 84% of drivers and front-seat passengers were buckled up, which is up 1.6 percentage points from last year…:

CUT 6 (09) “information campaign”

That’s LA Highway Safety Commission Executive Dir. John LeBlanc.


A restaurant in Port Allen is getting national attention for a sign, informing customers packing heat they’ll get a 10 percent discount. Michelle Southern has more.

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”

There’s another Louisiana opinion poll out, but this time it’s not about politics; it’s about pot, and the punishments for possession. The survey from Public Policy Polling says that marijuana reform support is growing, with 59% of those surveyed say first time offenders should not have to go to jail.