12:30 Newscast September 24, 2014

Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy says it was inappropriate for Senator Mary Landrieu to assist a man performing a keg stand at an LSU tailgate. Cassidy says beer distributors are also not happy because it promotes drunkeness…

cut 9 (11) “want that”

Landrieu has said her opponenets who are making political fodder over this need to get a sense of humor and they need to get a life.

Louisiana State Police is investigating the death of an Ellender High School freshman who was allegedly shot by a Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s deputy. Trooper Evan Harrell says authorities responded to a report of several armed individuals running inside a home in Houma. He says they aren’t sure exactly what transpired when deputies arrived…

cut 4 (07) “to the body”

The teen is identified as Cameron Tillman. Harrell says three other suspects were taken into custody and another fled the scene.

There’s a new radio ad hitting the airwaves in the 5th District today featuring Phil and Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty endorsing their nephew, Zach Dasher, for Congress. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says a lot of people still don’t know who Dasher is, but almost everyone recognizes the Duck Dynasty label…

cut 7 (11) “Dasher”

Stockley adds that Dasher is trying to run a campaign on his own merits and the Duck Dynasty endorsement could be seen by some as contradictory to that claim.

A federal judge has ruled that companies who received money from BP after claiming the 2010 Gulf oil spill hurt their business do not have to return money to the oil giant. BP argued that a glitch in their funding formula is paying money to questionable claims and should be returned.