8:30 Newscast April 30,2016

Officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture are investigating the number of animal deaths that have recently occurred at the Baton Rouge Zoo. Curator Sam Winslow says they asked for the USDA and the American Zoo Association to send in investigators to assess the situation after 18 animals died within the last year…
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Winslow says the 2-year-old Malayan tiger that died earlier in the month likely suffered from gastric dilation.

A sink hole on Canal Street in New Orleans is expected to cause serious traffic problems over the weekend. The hole is is between Harrahs and Canal Place. Mayor Mitch Landrieu expects it to take anywhere between three and six months to fix the massive sink hole. Landrieu says engineers are working on a plan to re-route traffic.


The LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office arrests two people in connection with the double homicide investigation in a small Louisiana town. Michelle Southern reports…:
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The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued a a tornado warning for parts of Northwestern and north central Louisiana. This includes Jackson, Bienville, Natchitoches, Winn and Red River Parish. Winds are blowing 50 miles per hour and tornadic thunderstorms are expected in rural areas of these parishes.