08:30 LRN Newscast April 28

A Louisiana woman, who moved to Colorado so her daughter can receive medical marijuana to treat her epilepsy, tells legislators her child is doing much better since starting her cannabis medication. Michelle Hall of Vernon Parish says by no means does her daughter get “high” off the medication…
cut 7 (05) “….pissed off”
Lawmakers are conflicted over how many different illnesses should be allowed to use medical marijuana once it becomes available in Louisiana.

Today is a big day in the Will Smith homicide case. The man accused of fatally shooting the former Saints star, Cardale Hayes, has a preliminary hearing scheduled at 10 AM. But the hearing may not take place, if the district attorney can get a grand jury to indict Hayes. If no indictment, then the hearing will determine if there’s enough evidence to keep Hayes behind bars until a trial.

Latest campaign finance numbers regarding Louisiana’s US Senate race shows Republican candidates Charles Boustany, John Fleming and John Kennedy out raising the major the democrats in the race, Foster Campbell and Caroline Fayard. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the Democrats will continue to lag behind….
cut 5 (05) “….statewide”
Cross says US Representative Charles Boustany is in the best position to raise a lot of dough, because he’s a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

The Louisiana Senate has passed a bill that would require public schools to teach cursive. Bossier City Senator Ryan Gatti supports the measure, because important documents like the US Consitution and the Magna Carter were written in cursive…
cut 12 (07) “…says cursive”
The measure is heading to the House for more discussion.