17:30 LRN Newscast ###Legislative Report###

A House approved bill is heading to the Senate floor that would extend the wait time for a woman seeking an abortion from 24 hours to 72. Michelle Southern has more….
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And the full House supports legislation that would prohibit the state from allocating Medicaid dollars to any organiziation that performs abortions. This bill would impact Planned Parenthood, who has indicated they plan on performing abortions at its new facility in New Orleans.

The House Criminal Justice Committee shot down a proposal to require movie theaters to install metal dectectors. Prairieville Representative Tony Bacala voted against it…
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The author of the legislation, Shreveport Representative Barbara Norton, was not happy after the vote came down.
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Last summer a gunman walked into a Lafayette movie theater and killed two people and injured several more.

A bill to require cursive to be taught in public elementary schools passes through the full Senate. Bossier City Sen. Ryan Gatti spoke in favor of the legislation and says many historic documents were written in cursive. He says our children need to be able to read and write in script, not just from their iPads or iPhones.
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The vote was 37 to nothingand it heads to the House for more discussion.