12:30 Newscast, April 27th, 2016

A bill that would extend the waiting period for getting an abortion to 72 hours has been approved by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Sancha Smith, the State Director for Concerned Women for America, spoke in favor of the measure and sharing her experience getting an abortion at 16-years-old”
CUT 9 (11) “better decision”
In opposition is Angela Adkins with the Louisiana Organization for Women. She shared stories of women who died or suffered complications from illegal abortions and attempts to self-abort, because of restrictions to abortions:
Cut 11 (09) “more desperate”
The measure passed on a five to two vote and heads to the Senate floor.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has issued its first ever “Animal Abuse Alert” for a dog that was found cooked in a fire pit in New Orleans’ City Park. Director Jeff Dorson says the pictures are horrifying and they have got to find the people responsible for such a gruesome act…:
CUT 4 (06) “of time”
He urges anyone who might know something about this to contact authorities.

The metal detectors in movie theaters bill did not pass today and the bill’s author, Representative Barbara Norton of Shreveport, is not happy about it.
CUT 7 (04) “our children”
Opponents argued the legislation is unnecessary and would present a financial burden on theater owners.