07:30 Newscast, April 27th, 2016

Legislation being considered in the state could mean certain juveniles who were sentenced to life without parole would be given hearings and a chance to be released. It’s the result of a Supreme Court ruling. Metairie Senator Danny Martiny says they have to do something because of the high court’s ruling…:
CUT 13 (10) “remedy is”
Nathan Allbritton of Natchitoches Parish spoke in opposition as his wife and son were murdered by a 15-year-old…:
CUT 11 (09) “of em”
In order to qualify for release, juveniles would have to have a good behavioral record and take part in educational programs, under the proposal.

A squall line is moving into Louisiana from Texas causing the National Weather Service to issue severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. The system is currently at the state line and it’s moving through the state today.

A bill to require movie theaters to use metal detectors will be heard in a House committee today. Emelie Gunn has more…:
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Louisiana is the least prepared state to respond to a major health emergency, according to the latest National Health Security Preparedness Index. Bob Johannessen with the Department of Health and Hospitals says the survey is somewhat misleading. But he says some aspects used to determine this ranking are true…:
CUT 7 (10) “an issue”

The State House voted 53-39 for the Ban the Box bill which would require state agencies to remove the requirement that applicants disclose criminal history.