17:30 LRN Newscast April 26

A pro-voucher group, the Louisiana Federation for Children, releases an ad today that features parents accusing Governor John Bel Edwards of breaking campaign promises by cutting the Louisiana Scholarship Program. LFC President Ann Duplessis says fewer children will receive vouchers to attend private or parochial schools.

cut 12 (08) “children’s future”

The governor has responded by saying the L-F-C’s accusations are blatantly false.

Metairie Senator Danny Martiny proposed a bill to ensure that underage criminals with life sentences become eligible for parole after 35 years. But Nathan Allbritton doesn’t think they should ever get parole because his wife and son were murdered by a juvenile. Allbritton says it’s important that these criminals realize that actions have consequences.

cut 23 (09) “of em”

A Senate committee has approved legislation that deals with police body camera footage and how much of it can be made available to the public. Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns says there needs to be some privacy safeguards but…

cut 15 (11) “…real transparency”
The legislation requires a court order for video that might violate a “reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor proposed a bill that prevents people from using drones for stalking, voyeurism, and other crimes. Claitor has proposed similar legislation before, but lawmakers were more hesitant because drones were not as popular a few years ago. He says technology is advancing, and regulation of drones is needed to keep up with the times.

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The measure is scheduled to be heard in a Senate committee.