10:30 LRN Newscast April 22nd

Governor John Bel Edwards signs an executive order that requires able-bodied adults without children to participate in job training and work assistance programs in order to receive food stamp benefits….:
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Starting July first, unemployed able-bodied adults will have to visit one of the 59 Louisiana Workforce Commission Centers in order to retain their food stamps.

Legislative leaders want to end the regular session early, so they could prepare for a special session that Governor Edwards plans to call to address the 750-million dollar revenue shortfall for next fiscal year. Senate President John Alario says this would also allow legislators to meet with constituents…:
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Governor Edwards has said he wants to hold the next special session before July 1st.

Several anti-abortion bills are making their way through the legislative process in the regular session. Planned Parenthood held a rally on the state Capitol steps demanding that Governor John Bel Edwards veto legislation that would be harmful to women’s health needs…
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A bill that’s waiting for a vote on the House floor would prohibit state funding going to Planned Parenthood.

It’s Earth Day and Louisiana’s First Lady Donna Edwards is encouraging Louisiana residents to get in the habit of recycling. She says it’s easy to start in your home and workplace…
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Edwards says plastic bottles, aluminum cans, most paper and even ink cartridges are recyclable.