11:30 Newscast, April 21st, 2016

Louisiana lawmakers are standing up for the little guys, and girls, looking to make a few dollars at their neighborhood lemonade stand. A bill unanimously passed in the Senate to exempt minors, who sell less than $500 a year worth of product, from having to pay an occupational license tax. Norco Senator Gary Smith says this might be hard to believe…but:
CUT 3 (08) “lemonade stand”
The measure now heads to the House.

A Corrections Cadet at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center is under arrest and has been terminated for allegedly trying to sneak in the synthetic marijuana drug “Mojo” to an inmate. Officials say a security supervisor noticed that 26-year-old Tierra Lewis of Port Allen had dropped the drug package in the parking lot when she noticed other officers were being surprise searched. She confessed to the crime and is facing charges which could land her in jail for 10 years.

A lawmaker from Baton Rouge would like high school students to take a national survey on sexual risks. Representative Patricia Smith says the proposal could help reduce the high number of teen pregnancies and STDs in Louisiana…:
CUT 11 (11) “deal with it”
Despite opposition from those who feel sex talks should happen in the home and not at school, the measure advanced out of House Education and now heads to the full House.

The bill which would give adult motorcyclists the option to wear a helmet narrowly failed in the House. Oil City Representative Jim Morris spoke in support of the bill saying many other states do not require a helmet, and Louisiana is pushing motorcycle tourists away…:
Cut 16 (09) “carry it”
But the opposition cited safety concerns and though the bill failed 49-46, it could come back up.