09:30 Newscast, April 21st, 2016

A bill that would let adult motorcycle riders decide if they want to wear a helmet or not failed to get enough votes to pass in the House. New Iberia Representative Terry Landry opposes the bill because of concerns about safety. He says wearing a helmet improves a rider’s chance of surviving a motorcycle accident….:
Cut 15 (09) “a helmet”
The vote on the bill was 49 yeas and 46 nays, which was not enough to pass, but the it can be brought up again.

A House Committee advanced a bill that would help the Tensas Parish town of St. Joseph with their water problems. Residents in St. Joe have been dealing with brown murky water, and they say local officials have been slow to come up with a solution. The measure heading to the House Floor would give the state authority to intervene. There was no objection.

A bill that would prohibit state employers from asking job applicants about their criminal record until after the interview process moves to the full House. Baton Rouge Rep. Denise Marcelle is the author of the bill and she says the purpose is to get the person with a criminal record an interview and explain their story…:
Cut 9 (10) “decision”
But those who oppose are worried the applicant would lie about their history.

The House Education Committee approved a bill to allow high school students to participate in a national survey on sexual risks. Louisiana resident Victoria Kelly also spoke in opposition to the bill. She says the questions are invasive, and she would have been embarrassed to take this survey when she was in high school…:
Cut 13 (10) “sexual education”
Supporters believe it would help the teen pregnancy and STD problem.