07:30 Newscast, April 6th, 2016

Today the House Education Committee will discuss several proposed changes to the TOPS scholarship program. Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey has a proposal that would raise the GPA requirement for keeping TOPS…:
CUT 9 (10) “increase performance”
Ivey’s proposal is to bump those minimums to 2.5 for freshmen and and 2.75 for sophomores on.

A rally in support of legislation to have 17-year-olds charged as juveniles rather than adults takes place on the State Capitol steps today. Meg Garvey with the Youth Justice Coalition says Louisiana is one of only 9 states that routinely prosecutes 17-year-olds as adults…:
cut 11 (09) “and unfair”
Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to speak at the rally.

A Senate committee approved a proposed bill that would prohibit selling organs collected from aborted fetuses. Jeff Palermo has the story…:
Cut 2 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”

LSU officials announced proposed rule changes for students tailgating at sporting events, aimed at reigning in binge drinking. They say these guidelines came about amid concern over the estimated 50 students who have to be taken to a hospital on any given football weekend, usually because of drinking too much. The changes would mean student groups would have to register their tailgate and possibly hire a third party vendor to serve alcohol only to students 21 and up.