9:30 Newscast April 2,2016

With all the new sales tax laws going into effect today, compliance could be a problem. Jeff Palermo has more…

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The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission says seven people have died in crashes between cars and trains within the last three months. Spokesperson Mark Lambert says when you see train tracks always think a train is coming and also don’t pull up too close to the tracks when you’re stopped.
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In March, both Monroe and Shreveport broke records for rainfall totals. Shreveport received 12.8 inches and Monroe saw 24.4 inches. Jason Hansford with the National Weather Service in Shreveport says we probably won’t see these levels again during our lifetime.
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He says there are many bayous and rivers still at flood stage.

Authorities are looking for a man in the New Orleans area after a search warrant led to a horrific discovery of human remains and animal bones in a Slidell home. Sgt. Daniel Seuzeneau with the Slidell Police Department says in 31-year-old Joshua Roques’ home they found ritualistic items unlike anything he’s ever seen.
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