13:30 Newscast, March 31st, 2016

The Senate Labor Committee approves the bill that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $8.00 an hour in 2017 and then to $8.50 in 2018. Halen Doughty has more:
CUT 2 (30) “I’m Halen Doughty”

A bill that would add blaze pink as an acceptable color hunters can wear advances out of the House. Bogalusa Representative Malinda White says this just gives sportsmen and sportswomen an additional option to hunter orange…:
CUT 3 (07) “safety”
The measure heads to the Senate.

A bill that would have made it illegal for a business to fire a victim of domestic violence for missing work to take care of court proceedings or seek treatment, stalls in the House Labor Committee. Opponents said this is too over reaching into a businesses own practices. The vote was 6-6.

Even though US Senator David Vitter says he’s leaving politics at the end of his term this year, he’s still touring the state to hear from Louisiana citizens. He held a town hall in Ascension and Rapides today. We asked Senator Vitter if he planned on endorsing anyone for his seat…:
CUT 15 (08) “the race”
Vitter says during his final year in office he will be focusing on chemical safety reform and improving infrastructure access.

A woman is accused of taking human remains from a historic New Orleans cemetery and trying to sell them on-line. It’s reported that 24 year old Ender Darling who is described as a witch, has apparently skipped town. She is accused of plucking human bones from graves and trying to get money for them.