12:30 Newscast, February 29th, 2016

Captain Clay Higgins, the man made internationally famous for his “no nonsense” viral Crime Stoppers videos, announces he’s resigning from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. Higgins had come under fire by groups stating he shouldn’t be calling black suspects, animals. Higgins said in a news conference that he refuses to respond to such critics…:
CUT 9 (09) “make a profit”
Higgins says he has many other law enforcement job offers.

State Senators are hearing about the potential impacts if they approve a House bill that cuts an additional 106-million dollars from this fiscal year’s budget. Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Rebekah Gee says they would have to lay-off restaurant inspectors, which is a serious public health risk…:
CUT 7 (08) “get an inspection”
Education Superintendent John White says the cuts would shutter most of the agency.

After Louisiana’s mild start to this flu season, experts say it may start to pick up soon. Halen Doughty reports…:
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