AM Newscall January 1,2016

Will 2016 result in a rise in oil prices? Don Molino spoke with an analyst…

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With a new year, a handful of laws go into effect. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Saturday’s estimated Powerball jackpot climbs to an amazing $334 million with a cash value of $205 million. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kimberly Chopin says this jackpot has been growing since November 4th. She says it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Powerball jackpot at this level…

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She says this is the largest Powerball jackpot since February’s $564 million jackpot. Chopin says when jackpots rise, more and more people play Powerball…

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She reminds new and regular Powerball players that it only takes one ticket to win, so play responsibly. The deadline to purchase tickets for the next drawing is Saturday at 9PM. Chopin says you shouldn’t be too quick toss your ticket if you don’t hit the jackpot…

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US oil prices fell 30-percent in 2015, so what could we expect in 2016? David Dismukes is the executive director at LSU’s Center for Energy Studies and he says there needs to be an increase in demand for oil for prices to go back up, but he doesn’t see that happening anytime soon

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On the New York Mercantile Exchange, a barrel of oil is going for 37-dollars a far cry from 2014 when oil was trading for 100-dollars a barrel. There’s a concen oil prices could approach 20-dollars in 2016, but Dismukes if it does reach that level, it won’t last long…

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The motoring public enjoys the low oil prices, because it’s led to the lowest gas prices in nearly seven years. But companies in the oil industry have been forced to layoff thousands. Dismukes says we might not see as many job losses in 2016…

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The Smoking Cessation Trust is offering tips to Louisiana smokers to help them quit in 2016. Spokesperson Jim Pittman says any resident that started smoking before September 1, 1988 is eligible for free programs and services, including cessation medication, nicotine replacement therapy, and counseling. He says there are also several other recommendations for those who want to quit.

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Pittman suggests removing all cigarette related things from your home, car or work and make sure you wash anything that smells like cigarettes. He says to plan for challenges when you’re trying to quit because you’re going to have cravings.

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Pittman advises smokers to chat with their doctor about nicotine replacement therapy or a prescription medication to stop. He says feel free to contact the Smoking Cessation Trust to get more information and to see if you qualify for free treatment.

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Because of high river levels on the Mississippi River, the US Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to possibly open the Bonnet Carre Spillway in St. Charles Parish next weekend. Corps spokesperson Ricky Boyett says they are closely monitoring crest projections

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2011 was the last time the flood control structure was opened.  Boyett says when the Bonnet Carre is opened, it helps to prevent a rising Mississippi River from spilling over its banks, causing damage to homes and businesses…

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Mississippi River flooding in the Midwest is resulting in numerous homes and businesses taking flood waters. Boyett says if they open the Bonnet Carre, it takes the pressure off Louisiana’s levee system and allows to flow out of harm’s way…

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