16:30 LRN Newscast November 25

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwars is in the hospital with a case of pneumonia. But his wife, Trina, says he’s feeling much better since they checked him in and they hope to be home in time for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Edwards is 88-years-old and his last public appearance was Saturday as he was with Governor-elect John Bel Edwards on election night.

Speaking of John Bel Edwards, he’s launched a transition website, onward-louisiana-dot-com. Emelie Gunn has more on what it has to offer…
cut (31) “…reproting”

14 additional strip clubs across the state have been cited by the state Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control as part of their “Operation Trick or Treat” investigation. The 14 strip clubs were cited for drug activity, prostitution and lewd acts. Commissioner Troy Hebert says drug and prostitution activity at these establishments breeds other criminal activity…
cut 4 (07) “there’s pimps”
This crackdown comes weeks after 9 clubs were cited in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Morgan City Police say fake money used in movies is making its way across multiple parishes in southeast Louisiana. Sgt. Rick Hartley says a few banks, bars, and convenience stores have reported to authorities they’ve received these counterfeit bills. He says at this time, they’ve arrested Vanisha August of Morgan City on one count of monetary instrument abuse…
cut 6 (10) “other subjects”
Hartley says the bills they’ve confiscated are obviously fake marked with the phrase “Motion Picture Use Only.”