11:30 Newscast, November 5th, 2015

Republican Jay Dardenne announces he’s backing Democrat John Bel Edwards for Governor in the November 21st runoff. Dardenne finished fourth in last month’s primary election. He says he’s come to know and respect Edwards during the course of this campaign…
CUT 4 (10) “in Louisiana”
He says electing Vitter as governor would do further damage to the Republican brand in Louisiana.

On the flip side, former Governor Mike Foster says he is strongly supporting Vitter. He says the idea that the national Democratic Party would have an inroad to our state if John Bel Edwards is elected, scares him…:
CUT 9 (08) “their policies”
Foster, who is also a Republican, served as Louisiana’s governor from 1996-2004.

A study finds five years after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, dolphins at Barataria Bay are still having a hard time reproducing in their environment. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wildlife epidemiologist Lori Schwacke says they found just 20% of pregnant dolphins tracked actually gave birth. She says restoration efforts in the gulf are critical…:
CUT 8 (08) “to recover”
She says studies have proven that these problems are linked to the BP oil spill.

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control says a judge has ruled in their favor and has reinstated the suspensions of three French Quarter strip clubs after last week’s issuing of a temporary restraining order. Commissioner Troy Hebert says the effort to clean up criminal activity in the French Quarter is far from over…:
Cut 16 (09) “going on”