06:30 Newscast August 27th, 2014

The Department of Children and Family Services says they’ve collected more than $2 million dollars in casino winnings from parents who owe back child support. Deputy Assistant Secretary Lisa Andry says this is a huge milestone for the Casino Intercept Program which launched in September 2011…:
CUT 7 (10) “good thing”
Andry says a total of 2 million fifty two thousand dollars was taken from 1,526 non-custodial parents who owed back child support.

The US Marshal in East Baton Rouge Parish arrested the founder of Red Jacket Firearms — again. This time William Hayden, of the reality show Sons of Guns, is facing a charge of aggravated rape of a 12-year-old. Hayden was arrested for molestation of a juvenile earlier this month and TMZ reported the suspect said the accusations were coming from a bitter ex-girlfriend. The matter is under investigation.

The American Heart Association has released a statement saying the use of electronic cigarettes may help some people quit smoking. The recommendation is for the use of e-cigarettes as a last resort with several notes of caution. Associate Dean for Research at LSU, Dr. Ed Trapido, says he’ll go along with that for now…:
CUT 4 (09) “that statement”
He says much more research needs to be done on the affects of e-cigarettes.

Lone Star Sports and Entertainment officials announce the tickets for Saturday’s game between NO. 13 LSU and NO. 14 Wisconsin in NRG Stadium have all been sold. The Tigers and Badgers will kick off at 8pm Central and you can watch the game on ESPN.