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Three shark attacks off Florida coast last week sent three women  to the hospital.  Two of the women suffered arm and leg wounds and the third lost her left arm. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas curator Kristine Grzenda.

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Nunez Community College in Chalmette is set to kick off a first-in-the-state associate’s program training students as entry-level wind turbine technicians. Dean of Instruction Reggie Poche (Po-shay) says there’s plenty of room for the program to grow

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The program is set to begin in the Fall 2024 semester.

There have been recent incidents where car owners have gone after car thieves and the outcome has been deadly. Brooke Thorington has more from a self-defense expert on what to do and not to do.

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Bacteria that cause strep throat and some hospital-acquired infections may save millions of lives. LSU Biological Sciences Professor, Roger Laine is working on cancer treatments using polysaccharides isolated from two different bacteria to destroy tumors. And that’s not all.

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With car theft on the rise in Louisiana, there have been cases where car owners have tried to either confront the thieves during the theft or later when they track down their vehicle. In some cases, the car owner has been injured or even killed. Self-defense expert Dave Newman says it’s best not to confront them whatsoever…

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