LRN AM Newscall June 11

A Louisiana community college will kick off a first-in-the-state wind turbine program this fall. Mel Bridges has more.

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Sharks off the coast of Florida attacked three women with one woman losing her left arm.  Sean Richardson has more from a shark expert in New Orleans.

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There have been recent incidents where car owners have gone after car thieves and the outcome in one case in Baton Rouge was deadly. Brooke Thorington has more from a self-defense expert..

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Nunez Community College in Chalmette is set to kick off a first-in-the-state associate’s program training students as entry-level wind turbine technicians. Dean of Instruction Reggie Poche (Po-shay) says there’s plenty of room for the program to grow

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Nunez has the first wind-energy related degree program in Louisiana after approval from the Global Wind Organization. Poche hopes this program will push the state to modernize its energy sector, since…

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Besides hands-on training for a field with above average pay, Poche says there’s another reason to consider becoming a wind turbine technician…

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The program is set to begin in the Fall 2024 semester.


Three shark attacks off Florida coast last week sent three women  to the hospital.  Two of the women suffered arm and leg wounds and the third lost her left arm. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas curator Kristine Grzenda.   

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Grzenda says globally there are only around 7,200 shark attacks annually so while the chances are rare you still need to remain alert at the beach.

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Dusk and dawn are the most likely times for shark attacks says Grzenda, but most of the time it’s a case of mistaken identity.

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Grzenda says when you’re at the beach remember you’re in their environment.


Bacteria that cause strep throat and some hospital-acquired infections may save millions of lives. LSU Biological Sciences Professor, Roger Laine is working on cancer treatments using polysaccharides isolated from two different bacteria to destroy tumors. They work by attaching to receptors in the capillaries that feed the tumors…

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Laine says treatment with the polysaccharides, CM101 and PS1, shows promise with minimal side effects because they target the blood supply and not the tumor itself which also prevents the tumor from becoming resistant to treatment.

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The use of polysaccharides for cancer treatment has been researched with some success as far back as 100 years but didn’t progress due to lack of understanding, technology, and funding. Laine’s work has been called profound with the potential to save countless lives.

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With car theft on the rise in Louisiana, there have been cases where car owners have tried to either confront the thieves during the theft or later when they track down their vehicle. In some cases, the car owner has been injured or even killed. Self-defense expert Dave Newman says it’s best not to confront them whatsoever…

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Newman says if you find yourself witnessing a car theft, try to document as much as you can, for example, record the incident….

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Then contact the police once you are out of harm’s way and give them as much information as possible.

Newman says it’s not a smart move to go after your vehicle if you can track it.

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If you go after a thief or try to retrieve your vehicle and use a gun to do so, he says you can be found as the aggressor and face charges yourself. He says to let the police handle it but follow up with them on the whereabouts of your vehicle.


The Saints begin a three-day mandatory minicamp today. The team has been going through O-T-As and the media on hand has been able to see a new offense get installed. Ross Jackson, host of the Locked on Saints Podcast, says new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak has players moving before the snap…

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Jackson says several players have shown signs of developing during O-T-As. He says wide receiver A-T Perry has looked good…

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Jackson says when it comes to rookies, he’s been impressed with sixth-round pick defensive tackle Khrstian Boyd from Northern Iowa…

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