11:30 LRN Newscast June 7

For a third consecutive year, LSU’s Louisiana survey finds most residents believe the state is heading in the wrong direction.  Sean Richardson has the story.

Cut 2 (30)  “…I’m Sean Richardson.” 


It looks like a second Bucee’s location in Louisiana is in the works. The one under construction in Ruston is expected to open next year and Lafayette could soon be able to add the toothy beaver to their town. According to The Advocate, the construction company that has built other Bucee’s has requested a variance with the zoning board in Lafayette.


Adults interested in receiving the necessary education to land a job in a high-demand field can now apply for financial assistance through the M-J Foster Promise Program. Brittany Theriot with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance says the award amount is 32-hundred dollars per year for a full-time student and students can receive a maximum of 64-hundred dollars over three years…

Cut 10 (08) “…award back.”

Visit the M-J Foster Promise Program for more information.

This Saturday and Sunday it’s Free Fishing Weekend in Louisiana.And of course, fishing is a lot more fun when you don’t have to talk about the one that got away. State Wildlife Fisheries Outreach Biologist Josh Porter says chances are there’s a recently stocked pond near you.

Cut 14 (12)  “…those ponds.”

Check their website for a listing of those ponds or their Facebook page.