3:30 PM Newscast June 4

The 2024 legislative session yielded some big wins for social conservatives. Legislation requiring classrooms to post the Ten Commandments and reclassifying two abortion pills as dangerous controlled substances are among the major bills to pass. But political consultant Mary Patricia Wray says both measures will likely face court challenges

Cut 12 (02) “…litigated.” 

A bill heading to the governor’s desk would prohibit out-of-state journalists from requesting public records from the governor’s office. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot who carried this bill for the governor on the Senate floor says other states also have a similar law.

Cut 4 (12) “…seen it.” 

During discussion on the Senate floor, it was pointed out that the governor’s office is receiving an additional one million dollars to hire more lawyers to work on public records requests.

Estimated restoration times for SWEPCO customers have changed due to the latest weather. Some areas are expected to be restored today if weather permits. Spokesperson Michelle Marcotte

Cut 9 (12) “…flooding.” 

Residents are urged to stay away from downed wires and anything they may be touching. Call 911 to report any hazards.

Governor Jeff Landry is in New Orleans as the city gears up for Super Bowl 59 that will be played in the Superdome February 9th, 2025. In anticipation of the event, Landry says the city will be improving infrastructure that will have benefits reaching years into the future.

Cut 7 (11) “…post Superbowl.”