11:30 LRN Newscast June 4

Governor Jeff Landry is in New Orleans talking about the state preparing for Super Bowl LIX (59).

Cut 6  (07) “…city of New Orleans. ” 

That game will be played on February 9, 2025.

A bill heading to the governor’s desk would prohibit out-of-state journalists from requesting public records from the governor’s office. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot says other states also have a similar law and he carried this bill for the governor on the Senate floor…

Cut 4 (12) “…seen it.” 

During discussion on the Senate floor, it was pointed out that the governor’s office is receiving an additional one million dollars to hire more lawyers to work on public records requests.

Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell’s bill banning unauthorized cell phones on school grounds heads to Governor Jeff Landry’s desk to be signed after unanimous approval by the State Senate. Sean Richardson has more.

Cut 2 (30)  “…I’m Sean Richardson.” 

The state senate confirmed Kenneth Loftin as Secretary for the Office of Juvenile Justice. Loftin, who previously helmed the Ware Youth Center, came under fire after accusations that staff at Ware abused children. “The New York Times” published an article about it in 2022.