LRN AM Newscall May 27

This Memorial Day, take a second to remember those who fought for our country. Mel Bridges has more.

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If you’re in Thibodaux or Shreveport on Friday, you might experience a 70s flashback when hundreds of Mrs. Ropers invade downtown. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The NCAA and the five biggest conferences, including the SEC, have reached a settlement that will result in all college athletes being paid. Jeanne Burns has more.

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Today is Memorial Day, a day to honor those who fought for our country, and, according to Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Col. Charlton Meginley (mah-ghen-lee), one of the most significant.

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Meginley says it is important every day, but especially today, to honor the 11 thousand Louisiana veterans who have died in combat.

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Though Meginley thinks there’s nothing wrong with going to the beach or having a barbeque, he says there are other ways to celebrate veterans.

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Large jackpots have proved to be profitable with the Louisiana Lottery transferring almost $48 million to the state treasury. Lottery spokesperson Dustin Annison says they also moved close to $16 million to the state coffers in April.

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The Louisiana Lottery transfers profits to the state quarterly. In addition to uptick in ticket sales thanks to five-billion-dollar jackpots Powerball and Mega Millions produced this year…

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Lottery retailers in Louisiana also earn a five-percent commission, plus incentives for cashing winning tickets and bonuses for selling big winning tickets. Annison says it was a good quarter for them as well.

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To date, the Louisiana Lottery has transferred more than $4.7 billion to the state for K-12 public education.


It was eleven years ago when the first Mrs. Roper Romp took place as a parade theme at Decadence in New Orleans. Ever since it’s turned into the reason for millions to gather all over the globe to impersonate the beloved “Three’s Company” character Helen Roper. Jessica Cassel (Castle) is one of the organizers for Friday’s Romp in downtown Thibodaux.

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And there’s also a Mrs. Roper Romp Pub Crawl in downtown Shreveport this Friday. Both begin at 6 pm.

Cassel says now is the time to get your curly red wig and kaftan ready to romp.

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Last year Cassel held her own Mrs. Roper Romp with friends and played Bingo. Then Amplify Events asked her to help organize Friday’s Pub Crawl. She’s hoping in the future they can combine annual Romps with fundraisers for charity.

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In January a Krewe of Mrs. Ropers paraded in Lafayette and in April there was a romp in Lake Charles.


An antitrust settlement has been finalized that will result in all college athletes being paid directly by the school. Outkick college reporter Trey Wallace says schools will have a hard time deciding how to divvy up the money.

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Wallace estimates that the settlement will result in each school paying about 20-million to athletes in every sport. Though some of the money will come from traditional means such as ticket and food sales, Wallace says most of the money won’t be generated from inside stadiums.

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The settlement, which involves the NCAA and the five biggest conferences — including the SEC — might also result in some changes in athletic departments.

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Revenue sharing is set to start for the 2025-26 season.