5:30 LRN Newscast May 22

Louisiana could soon become the first state to classify two drugs used to induce an abortion as controlled substances.

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Citizens Insurance policyholders may see some relief. Senator Kirk Talbot wants to suspend the 10% surcharge for coastal residents and reduce the surcharge from 10 to 5% for the rest of the state.

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Legislation to remove the required 20-minute break for minors who work five or more hours passed in the Senate after it was amended. Lafayette Senator Jean-Paul Coussan’s amendment changed the bill to keep the required break for fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds.

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But the amendment didn’t sway Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson-Andrews who says the minors she sees working are using their break to study or finish homework. After hearing proponents say ‘kids want to work’ she felt moved to speak against the bill.

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House Bill 156, in its amended form, passed on a 26 to 11 vote in the Senate and it now returns to the House.