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Today is the deadline to file your state income taxes. Of course, Louisiana does have an automatic six-month extension, but that’s an extension on filing not payment. So if you think or know you’ll owe taxes, that needs to be paid today. Connor Brown is a certified tax preparer for LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors and says there are several ways you can get that done.

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A bill that would make the sale of any hemp product containing THC illegal in Louisiana is one step closer to becoming law. It passed the House Criminal Justice Committee by a vote of 7 to 5. Some lawmakers are concerned THC can get a person high and are concerned that they’re being marketed to children. CEO of Crescent Canna defended the hemp market in Louisiana.

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The bill has already passed the Senate and heads next to the full House.


For the past four years, driving past the Hertz building in Lake Charles has been a sad reminder of Hurricane Laura’s destruction but that is about to change. Colleen Crain explains…

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The owner of a James Beard nominated restaurant in Gretna is speaking out on social media about a police officer he says has been “terrorizing” his customers in with traffic citations. According to Nola.com, Marlon Williams, the owner of Chicken’s Kitchen, said he noticed an uptick in traffic stops outside his business around six weeks ago…but Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson has said the restaurant is simply on a problematic stretch of roadway and authorities are trying to make it safer.