3:30 PM Newscast April 19

A dramatic rescue this week in Lake Charles as Lake Charles police officers rescued a a female trapped inside a car sinking in the river. Cpl. James Gruspier saw the car, called for help, and swam to the car. The occupant who could not swim was terrified. Gruspier along with Sgt. Ryan Magee and Officer Brennan Hoover with a flotation device were able to free the panicking occupant as the car was swept into the current on its way to quickly sinking. The three officers formed a circle around the occupant and swam her safely to shore.

With the 3rd highest rate of pickup truck fatalities Louisiana Law enforcement will be out in force next week. DOTD Spokesperson, Gregory Fischer says during the Buckle Up in Your Truck campaign, there’s an opportunity for state Law enforcement to receive extra funding for overtime patrols, but Fischer says It’s not about issuing tickets. He hopes the desire to avoid a ticket will help pickup drivers establish the habit of buckling up…

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The U-S House is expected to take a vote on Saturday to send foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel, a move that puts Mike Johnson’s position as House Speaker in jeopardy. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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LSU could win its first national championship in gymnastics on Saturday. They will compete against Utah, Florida and Cal, but not Oklahoma. The two-time defending champion Sooners suffered multiple falls in the semifinals and they are out. College Gym News co-managing editor Brandif Heffner

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