LRN AM Newscall April 17

For Governor Jeff Landry’s first 100 days in office, he’s yet to take his foot off the gas…. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A bill that would ban the gassing method known as nitrogen hypoxia for the death penalty passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Colleen Crain has more.

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State lawmakers have begun discussions on holding a constitutional convention next month. Jeff Palermo has the story.

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Today marks Governor Jeff Landry’s 100th day in office and Publisher Jeremy Alford says politically this milestone signals a new power structure in the state’s executive branch…

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Alford says he expects Landry’s tenure in office will be extremely transformative, he’s already replaced the entire tax commission and there’s legislation to give him more control over boards and commissions.

Alford says will be at the Louisiana Department of Health and the state tax code.

From a policy perspective, Alford says the governor for the most part has gotten everything he’s asked for…

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Since January Landry has had two special sessions, one that was court-ordered for redrawing the state’s congressional map that also added the party primaries election structure, and another session focusing on crime. His first regular legislative session began last month.

Alford says is now facing his biggest test, trying to convince lawmakers to hold a constitutional convention.

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Alford says the reason it looks like Landry is off to a fast start is because he campaigned for the position for years.


A bill that would ban the gassing method known as nitrogen hypoxia as a method the state could use in death penalty executions advanced out of Senate committee Tuesday. Senator Katrina Jackson-Andrews filed the bill on behalf of the Jewish community. She says the gassing method is triggering for Jewish people…

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Representatives from a coalition of Jewish organizations, Jews Against Gassing, spoke before the committee and held a rally on the Capitol Steps. Holocaust Scholar and Loyola professor, Naomi Yavneh Klos (Nay-oh-me Yav-na-close) says the group holds no opinion on the death penalty but strongly opposes the method used by Nazis…

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Aaron Block with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans says the coalition’s firm position against execution by gassing is not suggesting a comparison to the atrocities committed by the Nazis but…

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The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.


Suspended LSU running back Trey Holly pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to a felony gun charge he faces from a shooting that wounded two people in Farmerville on February 15th. Holly’s attorney Mike Small expects the former Union Parish football star to be cleared of criminal charges.

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In a Union Parish courtroom, Holly plead not guilty to the charge of illegal use of a weapon or dangerous instrumentality. He was facing attempted second-degree murder, but a Union Parish Grand Jury rejected that charge.

LSU Coach Brian Kelly expressed optimism earlier this month that Holly’s legal issues could be wrapped up soon. But Holly’s next court date is not until July 3rd.

Small says he might be able to speed up the court proceedings based on the prosecution’s evidence…

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Small has requested to see the evidence the prosecution has against his client. He expects to get that information in two to four weeks and at that time he could provide more details on why he believes Holly is not guilty

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Holly posted on social media days after the shooting that he was not involved in the incident at all and he’s 100% innocent.


In a House committee hearing, state lawmakers laid out their concerns over holding a constitutional convention on May 20th, two weeks before the regular session is scheduled to end. Chalmette Representative Michael Bayham is worried his bills int he regular session will not receive final passage.

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Bayham’s comments came during a legislative hearing on the bill that calls for the constitutional convention. Supporters of the convention want to remove items from the constitution and put them into state law to give legislators more financial flexibility.

Former state lawmaker Neil Abramson told legislators during budget deficits, health care, and higher education take the deep cuts

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New Orleans Representative Delisha Boyd is unclear on what changes to the constitution could be made…

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Supporters of a revised constitution want voters to vote in November on the changes made during the convention. More discussion is expected today on the constitutional convention.


The LSU Tigers are struggling to find their way through this baseball season. The team has found themselves at 3 and 12 in SEC play halfway through the season and with a hard road to make the postseason tournament. Baseball America analyst Teddy Cahill says that the Tigers have two options ahead of them if they want to make the field for the NCAA tournament.

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LSU has struggled to produce both at the plate and mound in a timely manner this season and Cahill says that neither the offense nor the defense deserves all the blame for the Tigers struggles.

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Cahill says that LSU’s 3 and 12 SEC record is not reflective of this year’s team, but he says that the multitude of struggles the Tigers have faced is the cause of the Tigers struggle in SEC play. He predicts that the Tigers will play much better over the next five weeks and that their play will reflect a more accurate representation of what this team is capable of doing.

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LSU will try to start its second half of the SEC season off on the right foot when they take on Missouri this weekend.