LRN AM Newscall April 15

Louisiana Key Academy is a free charter school for students with dyslexia and they are expanding to serve more students and more grades. Colleen Crain has the story.

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Today is the deadline to file your federal taxes and Shreveport CPA Hardy Foreman has tips for procrastinators…

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A bill restricting the use of bathrooms in schools, prisons, and domestic violence shelters to one’s biological sex advances from the House on a 79-16 vote after an emotional debate. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Louisiana Key Academy, a tuition-free charter school serving students with dyslexia is expanding, opening a new 14-acre campus in Baton Rouge for K through 10th grade this Fall, with grades 11 and 12 added by Fall 2026. Co-Founder Dr. Laura Cassidy says 20 % of the population has Dyslexia and students succeed with a specialized curriculum and highly trained teachers…

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In addition to the expanding school in Baton Rouge, LKA has schools in Caddo and St. Tammany parishes with a learning Pod opening in Ruston this fall, and there are plans to open another School in Jefferson Parish. Cassidy says though it’s not always possible, early intervention is best.

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Cassidy says because the curriculum is highly specialized and training teachers takes time, adding grades is a slow process. What began as a K through 2nd-grade school in Baton Rouge has grown to several campuses across the state and expanded one grade at a time. She says expanding and adding the high school grades is important.

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LKA provides free testing. Information, applications, and resources are available on their website,


Today is the deadline to file your federal taxes. CPA Hardy Foreman with the firm, Carr Riggs and Ingram in Shreveport says 65 percent of his clients file for an extension, but it’s not an extension to pay…

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Foreman says since the COVID pandemic there’s been an increase in taxpayers filing for extensions. He says it’s taking longer for business owners to get the proper documentation needed for them to file before the April 15th deadline…

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Foreman says for those who need to file an extension and do not know the exact amount they owe, referring back to what they paid last year is a good estimate.

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Foreman says the IRS offers multiple payment options for those unable to pay their tax bill in full.


Legislation to restrict the use of bathrooms in schools, prisons, and domestic violence shelters to one’s biological sex passes in the House on a 79-16 vote.

Haughton Representative Dodie Horton supports the bill because it protects females from biological males who identify as females from entering a women’s restroom.

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New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman says there are real issues they need to address instead of a bill that is vindictive towards the transgender community.

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Freeman referred to a gay physician in her district who moved, along with his family, to another state because of anti-LGBTQ laws that have been enacted in Louisiana.

Horton says the bill is not anti-anyone, it’s about protecting children against predators.

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Freeman says the small transgender population, which makes up 1.4% of the US residents, are not known to be sex offenders so why prohibit them from using the bathroom of their choice on a state level?

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Bill author Denham Springs Representative Roger Wilder says he’s working with domestic violence advocates on the bill because such legislation will keep them from receiving federal funds which is most of their budget.


The Louisiana House will consider a bill today that would eliminate the TOPS Tech award. It’s a state-funded scholarship for graduating seniors to attend a two-year school. Franklin Representative Vinney St. Blanc says he wants to discontinue the TOPS Tech Award in four years because interest has been declining since 2014…

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St. Blanc says by eliminating Tops Tech, the state can put more money towards the M-J Foster Promise Program which provides 32 hundred dollars in an academic year to adults who want to be trained for employment in a high-demand field…

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Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin supports the elimination of TOPS Tech. He says interest is high in the Foster Promise Program, but only 10 million dollars is dedicated to it and the money goes quickly

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At least a 17 on the ACT and a 2.5 GPA are needed to qualify for the TOPS Tech Award. But the Foster Promise Program is needs-based, so no academic qualifications are required.


LSU’s offense showed the potential of still being explosive based on Saturday’s Spring Game. Garrett Nussmeier completed all seven passes he threw, two were touchdowns as the Tigers scored on several long plays.

Nussmeier threw two long touchdown passes to Zavion Thomas and Kyren Lacy, while Kaleb Jackson had a 32-yard touchdown run. Coach Brian Kelly liked how the offensive line established the line of scrimmage…

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The spring game featured what we saw in 2023, receivers wide-open. Kelly says the defense is still a work in progress

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The official countdown is on to the season opener against USC on September 1st in Las Vegas. Kelly says there’s time to get better on defense. He says they plan to add defensive tackles through the transfer portal and figuring out the starting cornerbacks is also critical…

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