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The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance is holding a virtual FAFSA marathon next week to help students with their applications. Brooke Thorington has more.

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One of three people shot Thursday evening outside a Shreveport Convenience store has died. 17 year old Chartez Martin, 17, was fatally shot during in an exchange of gunfire outside just before 5:30. Authorities say two other victims were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Monday is the final to get your federal income taxes filed on time. Alexandria CPA Kurt Oestriecher  has a word for those who gamble and have won big: He reminds you that you WILL have to pay taxes on those winnings…even if you’ve also suffered gambling losses.

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Good news for crawfish lovers. Prices are down an average of 50 cents a pound this week.  Crawfish App Co-Founder Laney King says prices have been dropping since Easter, but the price is still nowhere near what we were paying for crawfish this time last year.

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For those of you looking to buy your crawfish already boiled, King says the average price per pound right now is about $5.99.