10:30 LRN Newscast March 25

Legislation to ban the sale, possession, and use of the recreational inhale nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas passed the House Criminal Justice Committee in a unanimous vote. Nitrous oxide cartridges are packaged in attractive bright colors and sold in unlimited quantities without age limits. Concerned citizen, Samantha McCann testified before the committee…

Cut 6 (08) “…stop him.”

The bill heads to the full house for consideration.

LSU Health Shreveport Director of the Rehabilitation Science Program Dr. Cory Coehoorn (coo-horn) says they are joining forces Air Force Global Strike Command to study the physical and cognitive effects B-52 aircrew members go through during long deployments.

Cut 13 (08)  “…things like that.”

Coehoorn says this is a first and they are excited about the study. He anticipates the research project will take flight in the next six months.

A bill to end the state’s insurance crisis has been labeled as beneficial to the insurer, not the consumer. Jeanne Burns has Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple’s reaction…

Cut 2 (28)  “I’m Jeanne Burns.” 

Democrat Henry Whitehorn has been elected the first African American Sheriff of Caddo Parish. Whitehorn won with 53 percent of the votes beating his opponent Republican John Nickelson. A one vote margin by Whitehorn in November landed the election results in court after Nickelson demanded a recount. Whitehorn will be sworn in as sheriff on July 1st.