11:30 LRN Newscast March 21

The Senate Education Committee has approved legislation that will one day allow every family to apply for state dollars to pay for private school tuition or other education-related expenses. Carencro Representative Julie Emerson is a co-author of the bill and says parents should have options on how their child should be educated…

Cut 6  (12) “…is educated.” 

The L-A Gator Scholarship Program would begin with the 2025-26 school year.

Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple’s package of bills includes legislation that would repeal the rule that prohibits a homeowners insurance company from dropping a policyholder after three years. Temple’s plan sparked debate with New Orleans Senator Royce Duplessis….

Cut 11 (06) “…I’m in.”

Duplessis believes the state’s infrastructure, and hurricanes are more of a barrier to insurers than the rule.

172 graduating medical students from LSU School of Medicine New Orleans found out which residency program they will be attending after graduation. 80 students will remain in the Bayou State.  Interim Dean Dr Richard DiCarlo says Louisiana has one of the highest retention rates and it is very encouraging when their graduates remain in-state.

Cut 7 (12) “…LSU Programs.”

An interactive exhibit at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans allows visitors to have virtual conversations with veterans including a military nurse, an aircraft factory worker, and a former USO performer. VP of Education Peter Crean says the jewel of their collection is their close to 12,000 oral histories.

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