9:30 LRN Newscast March 21

The Senate Insurance Committee passed a bill that would repeal the rule that prohibits a homeowners insurance company from dropping a policyholder after three years. Insurance Commissioner Tim Temple’s want to bring more insurers into the state to lower rates for consumers. Temple’s plan sparked debate with New Orleans Senator Royce Duplessis who challenged Temple on whether removing the rule for insurers will reduce premiums for consumers.

Cut 11 (06) “…I’m in.”

The bill heads to the Senate floor for more debate.

LSU School of Medicine New Orleans senior medical students found out where they will be going to complete their residency training. 80 of its 172 graduating medical students will remain in Louisiana for their residency. Interim Dean Dr Richard DiCarlo says Louisiana has one of the highest retention rates in the country for students in public medical school…

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The National World War II Museum in New Orleans unveils a new interactive feature where visitors can have a virtual conversation with veterans and others who served during the war effort. VP of Education Peter Crean says it’s a unique experience.

Cut 4 (13) “…you’re asking.”

Crean says a lot of work went into capturing the voices of the aging veterans and their responses. Over two days they were asked more than a thousand questions.

For the first time since 2002, McNeese men’s basketball team will play in its first NCAA Tournament. Cowboys Head Coach Will Wade…

Cut 15 (15) “…down big.”

The Cowboys are 30-3 on the season and they rank fifth in the country in scoring defense, allowing 62 points a game. The Cowboys will face Gonzaga tonight at 6:25 central time in Salt Lake City, Utah.