3:30 LRN Newscast March 13

Trooper Jacob Pucheu (pee-shoe) says 61-year-old Ronald Britt, a Lafayette truck driver, was charged with negligent homicide for speeding during the super fog event on I-55 last year.

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The massive 168 vehicle pileup killed seven people. Britt is facing several charges.

Republican Senator Beth Mizell legislation that would prohibit possession, import, and ownership of child sex dolls that resembles children 12 years old and younger passed out of committee Tuesday. Mizell says Homeland Security was became concerned about trafficking after receiving a package with a childlike doll inside.

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And while nine other states already have such laws, Mizell says legislation does not exist in Louisiana to allow law enforcement to take individuals into custody.

Booking mug shots of suspects charged in non-violent or minor crimes would once again become available under legislation heading to the Senate floor. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The Tangipahoa Sheriff Office has arrested 26-year-old Cameron McKnight in connection with several sex crimes. Last month, authorities received a complaint of alleged indecent behavior between McKnight, a former educator, and students. Detectives substantiated allegation and obtained a warrant for McKnight’s arrest. He was charged with several offenses including indecent behavior with juveniles. The investigation is ongoing.