AM LRN Newscall Feb 29

A St. Martin Parish woman is asking for any clues in hopes of finding her husband who went missing five months ago. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The Krewe of Freret is taking a bold step to make plastic beads a thing of the past. Brooke Thorington explains.

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The Louisiana Legislature has approved legislation to repeal the Raise the Age Law. Jeff Palermo reports it means 17-year-olds charged with felonies will go through the adult justice system…

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Five months ago, 58-year-old Bill Daspit vanished, and his wife Lara (pronounced Laura) Daspit has put up billboards in Lafayette in hopes of finding him. She says he was last seen on video the evening of September 10th after wrecking his motorcycle near their home in the small town of Coteau Holmes in St. Martin Parish

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Coteau Homles is approximately seven miles east of St. Martinville.

Daspit says her husband wears thick sunglasses due to his glaucoma and they were found alongside his helmet and motorcycle in a ditch about 100 yards from their home. She says people who know him won’t recognize him without them.

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She says detectives have very few leads and if you know anything to call the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office.

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Daspit is described as a 5-foot, 10-inches tall, white male with brown hair weighing 218 pounds. You can see a photo along with information on how to contact authorities and Lara Daspit on our website at LouisianaRadioNetwork-dot-com.

Lead Detective Gabrielle Nelson at St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office 337-394-3071

Lara Vergenal Daspit 337-654-8160


The Krewe of Freret is taking the bold step and prohibiting plastic beads from being thrown by members of their organization in the future. Freret Captain Bobby Hjortsberg (J is silent) says many of the plastic beads contain toxins, they end up in trees and wreak havoc on New Orleans’ drainage system.

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Hjortsberg says the co-ed and diverse organization had been thinking about doing away with plastic beads for some time, but because their Krewe is only thirteen years old, they didn’t want to necessarily rock the boat.

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He says the feedback to do away with beads has been extremely positive and Freret along with other krewes in New Orleans have been focusing on more sustainable throws like socks, luggage tags, masks, and hats. Hjortsberg says even local bead vendors are jumping on the trend and expanding their options.

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In 2018 along a five-block stretch of St. Charles Avenue, 46 tons of plastic beads were retrieved from the catch basins.


Heading to the governor’s desk is a bill that would put 17-year-olds who commit felonies in the adult criminal justice system. The legislation repeals a law that went into effect in 2019 that currently has 17-year-olds who commit non-violent crimes prosecuted as juveniles. But Bossier City Representative Raymond Crews says 17-year-olds are becoming more violent

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The bill passed on a 74-26 vote. Marksville Representative Daryl Deshotel says juvenile detention facilities has been plagued with problems since  17-year-olds have been added to the population. He knows because he as one in his district…

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The 26 no votes came from Democrats. Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle says the legislation will not provide any help for a 17-year-old who could use some rehabilitation…

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LaPlace Representative Sylvia Taylor is also a practicing attorney and doesn’t like the idea of sending 17-year-olds to an adult prison…

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The Senate has sent a bill to the governor’s desk that would increase the penalties for a drug dealer convicted of packaging fentanyl so it would appeal to children. A person convicted of this proposed law would face to 25 to 99 years in prison. West Monroe Senator Jay Morris hopes this legislation will save a young person’s life

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Under current law, a person faces at least five years in prison for distributing a small amount of fentanyl. Morris says drug dealers are making fentanyl pills in the shape of animals…

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The legislation received unanimous approval in the Senate.


The ninth-ranked LSU women’s basketball team is at Georgia tonight. It’s the final week of the regular season as the Lady Tigers have two more games left before the SEC Tournament. Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith have one more year of eligibility, but Coach Kim Mulkey expects this will be their final year at LSU…

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Mulkey says Reese wanted to play two years at LSU after transferring in from Maryland and Van Lith wanted to spend one season at LSU. Van Lith is coming off a season-high 26-point performance against Tennessee. Van Lith has had an up-and-down season as she’s been learning to play point guard. Mulkey says Van Lith’s struggles were expected…

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