3:30 PM Newscast Feb 20

One of the first bills to make it out of a House committee at the special session is a measure to increase the penalties for carjacking. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 2 (30)  “…I’m Jeff Palermo.” 

In the House Oil City Representative Danny McCormick sponsored a bill to allow for concealed carry without a permit and in the upper chamber Erath Senator Blake Miguez has similar legislation. President of the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission Rafael Goyeneche expressed concerns…

Cut 5 (11) “…to public safety.”

Legal analyst Tim Meche believes it was a bad move for LSU running back Trey Holly to give a statement on social media of the shooting that took place in Farmerville. The shooting injured two people. In the social media post, Holly states he was at home at the time of the shooting and the shooting occurred outside of his apartment.

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A piglet is now resting comfortably after being tossed around like a football during carnival season. Humane Society of Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson says a bystander spotted three men throwing what he assumed was a ball—until he heard squeals.

Cut 6  (11) “…be treated.”