09:30 LRN Newscast August 29

Ten years ago today Hurricane Katrina was causing devastation that led to the flooding of thousands of homes and businesses and killing over one-thousand people. But Kathleen Blanco, who was governor at the time, is proud of how the state has rebounded….
cut 27 (10) “…come alive again”
Many people in the New Orleans area are using the 10-year anniversary as a day of service, getting out doing something to improve their community.

It doesn’t look like we have to worry about Erika. The National Hurricane Center says its no longer a tropical storm as it has dissipated in the Caribbean. The remnant low-level circulation from Erika is expected to move towards the Florida Keys over the next day and a half.

Oil prices are showing signs of life. After a nine-percent increase on Wall Street on Thursday, the price of crude rose another six-percent to $45.22 a barrel.

Monroe-based Centurylink has plans to bring high-speed internet to 24-thousand rural households and businesses in Louisiana. Eric Gill has the story…
cut 2 (29) “…I’m Eric Gill”

LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron says he’s ready for the season after he was treated successfully for prostate cancer. Cameron says the worst is behind him….
cut 20 (09) “…clean bill of health’
The Tigers open the season next Saturday at McNeese State.